About Us

Emerging from the roots of Ranger Paging a full service wholesale pager company operating in New York, the Ranger Wireless Group was Founded by Steve Daneshgar in 1992. The company set its first milestone by becoming one of the first exclusive national dealers for CellularOne in 1997

From 1997 to 2010, parallel to the company’s growth in the mobility space represented by over 15 retail stores, a new venture was born. ExchangeMyMail, a cloud based email hosting company, was launched by Steve Daneshgar in 2005. Based on the realized and projected growth of ExchangeMyMail, the Ranger Wireless Group and affiliated assets were acquired by Jared Deith in January of 2010.

In early 2013, following the success of the first 3 years under the company’s new leadership, AT&T consolidated their national dealer base and the AT&T Assets of Ranger Wireless were spun-off. As the 21-year relationship came to a close Ranger Wireless inked a new deal with competitor T-Mobile. In late 2013 T-Mobile was in the middle of re-positioning themselves nationally as the Un-Carrier (a strategy that proved to be extremely successful) while Ranger Wireless was re-positioning themselves to be the first to launch the new T-Mobile EDP-C program in the Northeast.

In June 2014, Ranger Wireless’ 4 T-Mobile exclusive locations were among the first in the nation to be launched into the TPRs (T-Mobile Premium Authorized Retailer) program. Currently, the Ranger Wireless Group owns and operates 2 TPRs locations in Port Washington and Ridgewood New York, as well as a wholesale cellular import/export business.

Continuing the trend of growth and expansion realized over the past 25 years, industry veterans Steven Daneshgar and Jared Deith teamed up to launch Business Mobility Partners. Business Mobility Partners is a National T-Mobile Authorized Agent, based in Jericho New York, that sells T-Mobile products and services directly and as a national master agent.